brigitte dress

Hmm, it’s been a while. Sewing has been happening, not all of it good.

At the end of May I was lucky enough to attend a fit workshop with the incomparable Liesl Gibson in New York. We spent two pretty full days deciding what sizes to make, tracing our patterns and fitting muslins. At the end, we left with new pattern pieces to use in constructing our finished products. I had a fabulous time and my only regret was that I didn’t arrive earlier so that I had some time to myself in the city. I did no shopping other than a quick stop in Purl Soho.

All that being said, the dress I made when I returned home was an unmitigated disaster. I spent so much time on it as I wanted to get everything just right. My muslin fit so well in the comfort of the Oliver + S Brooklyn studio, guided by an expert and surrounded by other supportive sewists. Then I got home and it all went to shit. The dress looked hideous on me and even after spending so much time with it, I tossed it aside. I sew for enjoyment and that project had becoming anything but; it’s still sitting in my sewing area and just seeing it makes me mad. The fabric was not cheap so I hate to throw it away. I guess I could get a big enough piece for a headscarf out of it.

So anyway, I took a break from sewing after that. When I finally got back into it, I wanted to do something simple that I knew would work out well. Against my better judgment (because I usually hate free patterns), I printed out the Brigitte Dress from Simple Sew.

photo 1

I used my new-found fitting skills and I must say, I think I did a bang-up job. It fits REALLY well. The only place I might adjust further is at the armholes, probably due to the fact that I just left the sleeves off and didn’t make any adjustments to the armscye. I moved the bust darts to a more traditional position (they were super long and high on me) and moved the back darts down quite a bit. They hit me at the widest point of my back so I moved them down the small of my back instead, where they could provide the shaping that was intended.

photo 2

I did an exposed zipper in the back, which didn’t work perfectly because of how heavy my zipper is and how light my fabric is. Seriously, the zipper is heavy duty. Why I chose that kind I have no idea. I was just looking at the brass color I guess.

Despite its imperfections, this was a nice palette cleanser after the horror of the one that came before. You can’t tell, but I’m in a bridal shop in these photos. My youngest sister got her wedding dress this weekend and man, I know people think they’re outrageously priced, but I left wondering why the hell they don’t charge MORE. So. much. fabric. So. slippery.


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