grainline moss mini

No, there’s not been much sewing going on around here. We’ve been otherwise occupied. Namely, with starting kindergarten. Fortunately, Stella is having a FABULOUS time. So fabulous, in fact, that she can’t keep her mouth shut. Her classroom has behavior cards, with everyone starting the day “on green.” If the teacher has to “redirect” a student too many times, the student has to turn his/her card to yellow. The first week was majority yellow for Motor Mouth, but (fingers crossed) we’ve been on green so far this week. So ironic that I’m raising a chatty Cathy. I think I could go days without speaking to anyone and I’d be just fine.

Anyway, I did make a Moss mini skirt. This fabric was a total impulse buy. Looking at the skirt on its own, it’s a little “Grandmother’s Sofa.”


Yeah? But, in my humble opinion, it makes a bang-up mini skirt.


I also think it would look awesome as a pair of very skinny jeans. It has a nice stretch.

I love this pattern (this is my second Moss) and always love the opportunity to practice my fly skills.



You’ll be seeing this fabric again soon. I had it pegged for shorts for Stella, but she wanted a mini too. Cause that’s so practical for kindergarten.



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