myrtle dress

For a simple dress, this sure caused me a lot of agony. I bought a beautiful border print fabric at Gail K and cut th skirt pieces so that th flowers ran along the bottom. I then spent at least an hour staring at the bodice pattern pieces and the fabric trying to cut it in a way that made any possible sense. All white, flowers on the shoulders – nope, not gonna work. The print just wouldn't work no matter what I tried.

Finally, I went back and found some poplin that matched the not-quite-bright white of the border print.

I'm pretty sure it's a good match. The guys at the store took it up front with me to look at in the sunlight and we agreed it would work.

The pattern is dead simple, with some interesting construction on the bodice. I've ordered some peach skin fabric for another one and am interested to see how it looks in that more drapey fabric.

Pardon the RBF.

I made the shorter version and it's almost too short. Will definitely do the other next time.

I'm not super sold on the thick elastic. I think I will use 3/4 or half inch next time. I think it just turns into too much of a “feature” when it's this wide.

I also don't really know why the shoulder tabs are supposed to have working buttons. I made the buttonholes but they are so tiny that I just sewed a button on top. I think it would make more sense to forgo the buttonholes and just put a decorative button on there.

I'm in love with this fabric and trying to justify going back for more.



4 thoughts on “myrtle dress

  1. Awww, do it! Go back for more! That is an incredible border print. Sorry to hear it caused you such brain pain, but now you’ve got me thinking too, what to do with it…

  2. Oh, and I meant to also mention this: I made working buttonholes on my Myrtle, and realized that those “shoulder tabs” make great bra-strap keepers. With a functioning button you can just wrap the tab around your bra strap together with the shoulder of the dress and button it all together.

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