playtime dress

Today was Picture Day at school. And we had to pay for the pictures in advance. Do wut? When did this scam start? Sigh. I'll spare you the outrage; my Facebook friends have already heard all about it.

Anyway, we chose this owl-printed Playtime Dress for Picture Day.

Hopefully the real photo didn't include this end-of-day hairdo. I swear I put her onto the bus looking dapper and not so much like an orphan.

Thought I've made several of these, this time I self-lined the bodice. It worked well and I'll do it this way from now on. Unfortunately, I didn't gave enough fabric for pockets. It was sooo close.



2 thoughts on “playtime dress

  1. We have to pre-pay for the photos at school in Aus too. It’s cheeky because you may end up with crap photos. I am a tight arse and have only bought photos since ella started school. Those daycare photos I passed on as the samples I saw were always crap

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