monkey bar skirt

It's only been very recently that Stella has wanted to wear shorts under her skirts. Frankly, until she got old enough to be bothered by it, I never gave it a second thought. I didn't want to get her started down that disturbing (to me) “modesty” road.

But here we are: she is worried about being embarrassed in front of her friends. She fell and skinned her knee last weekend. That night, she cried because her friends would know that she had fallen and she would be retroactively embarrassed.

I wanted this skirt to be made with sweatshirt fleece, but my dumbass misread the cutting layout and ended up without a critical piece and out of fabric. So I used this leftover, very thin jersey, still using the fleece for the shorts.

We don't have any monkey bars, so we improvised. I loved this very simple pattern. I don't use free “tutorial” type things anymore because they rarely work out well, but simple knit items like this usually do well for that format.

This jersey was so thin and stretchy that I added elastic to the waistband.

Not bad for a Saturday morning project.



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